macOS Sierra - Kernel Panic - Steinberg USB

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macOS Sierra - Kernel Panic - Steinberg USB

Post by quaestor »

Hey there,

macOS Sierra Beta 2 has a kernel panic when using the driver.
This happens to me every time when switching of my THR10.

Here's the log:

1 mach_kernel 0xffffff800ccfb47c panic + 0xec (/Library/Caches/
2 mach_kernel 0xffffff800cd451bb zfree + 0x10b (/Library/Caches/
3 mach_kernel 0xffffff800d286616 IOFree + 0x16 (/Library/Caches/
> 4 0xffffff7f90195cb4
5 0xffffff7f90197cb3
6 0xffffff7f9018e47a
7 0xffffff7f90190a20
8 0xffffff7f90191876
> 9 0xffffff7f8d4f028e IOAudioEngine::start(IOService*, IOAudioDevice*) + 0xe6 (/BuildRoot/Library/Caches/
10 0xffffff7f8d4eedd8 IOAudioDevice::activateAudioEngine(IOAudioEngine*, bool) + 0x5e (/BuildRoot/Library/Caches/
11 0xffffff7f9018cd9c
12 0xffffff7f9018c4f8
13 0xffffff7f8d4edf4c IOAudioDevice::start(IOService*) + 0xe6 (/BuildRoot/Library/Caches/
14 0xffffff7f9018b6a0
15 mach_kernel 0xffffff800d29b3ed IOService::startCandidate(IOService*) + 0x6d (/Library/Caches/
16 mach_kernel 0xffffff800d29b13e IOService::probeCandidates(OSOrderedSet*) + 0x98e (/Library/Caches/
17 mach_kernel 0xffffff800d29a6f6 IOService::doServiceMatch(unsigned int) + 0x236 (/Library/Caches/
18 mach_kernel 0xffffff800d29a351 IOService::startMatching(unsigned int) + 0x161 (/Library/Caches/
19 mach_kernel 0xffffff800d2932a6 IOService::registerService(unsigned int) + 0x1d6 (/Library/Caches/
20 0xffffff7f8d61745f AppleUSBDevice::registerService(unsigned int) + 0xd9 (/BuildRoot/Applications/
21 0xffffff7f8d63b227 AppleUSBLegacyRoot::usbServiceCall(AppleUSBHostController*, IOService*, unsigned int) + 0x7a7 (/BuildRoot/Library/Caches/
22 0xffffff7f8d63a73b AppleUSBLegacyRoot::usbServiceCallback(AppleUSBHostController*, OSArray*, unsigned int) + 0x44d (/BuildRoot/Library/Caches/
23 0xffffff7f8d57e036 AppleUSBHostResources::registerUSBHostServiceThreadCall(void*, void*) + 0x1e (/BuildRoot/Library/Caches/
24 mach_kernel 0xffffff800cd327ba thread_call_thread + 0x33a (/Library/Caches/
25 mach_kernel 0xffffff800ccaaaf7 call_continuation + 0x17

An IOFree is using a size parameter that does not match the allocation size. This is an issue in the driver.

Does somebody else have the experience? Is there any fix?


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Re: macOS Sierra - Kernel Panic - Steinberg USB

Post by lorbus »

Same thing is happening to me. Every time I switch off my THR10 it crashes my mac running sierra.

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Re: macOS Sierra - Kernel Panic - Steinberg USB

Post by Stierage »

Me too, so can't try updating firmware as the THR10 needs to be switched off to put into update mode, which of course causes the iMac to crash

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