Trial version worked ok but bought one won't!!

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Trial version worked ok but bought one won't!!

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Apologies if these topics are covered elsewhere and I've missed them.
I installed the trial version of Sequel 2 on my laptop (Emachines 627 with Lexicon Alpha as ASIO plugged in, windows 7 64 bit) and it worked fine. I loved it! Way easier to use than the Cubase AI4 I'd been using previously. So I saved up and bought the full version recently, but when I installed it I had the following issues:

It didn't install Halion One. I have loops but no sounds. I put the disk in and tried to do it by going to Additional Content, clicking on HalionOne Application and hoped that would trigger an installation but it just asked me if I would allow it to make changes to my computer, I clicked yes and nothing happened.
When I try to register it to get the free loops I can't and it certainly hasn't sent me the email it is said to in other posts on here. And when I check my e-licences, only one shows up but with the two products Cubase AI4 and Sequel 2 registered to it - is that right???

I know my computer can cope with running it as it ran the trial version for 15 days absolutely fine and I was chuffed to bits with it.... but now I'm deeply disappointed :cry: Please help!!!

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