No sound from POD 2.0 with Cubase 5

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No sound from POD 2.0 with Cubase 5

Post by TheConjuring »

Hi guys, I'm trying to record guitar tracks in Cubase 5 while using my POD 2.0, but Cubase doesn't seem to be recognizing the POD.

When I was using audacity, it would instantly pick up the signal. However, I'm not getting any luck with Cubase. I went in the ''Device configurations'' part and switched the ASIO DirectX to my M-Audio Firewire.....still no results.

Any help?

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Re: No sound from POD 2.0 with Cubase 5

Post by Billow »

are you leaving the pod in mono or stereo??
have you tried a direct line in?? Back of pc??
Check the recording devices in the volume setup in windows toolbar. make sure your line in is activated.

i run my pod2.0 straight in mono L air mode. VST connections are set to line in direct.
have a check on all of that to see if it works
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