Plugin deactivation

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Plugin deactivation

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Hi. I don't know if this is a really difficult move, but it would be great to be able to easily disable plugins so they don't crash cubase, such as when an ilok is not present. Anyone get what ballpark im looking for?

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Re: Plugin deactivation

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Re: Plugin deactivation

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In previous versions you could do this by un-checking the specific plug-in in the Devices/Plug-in Information. But since they've added the Plug-In Manager they seemed to have removed all the effects and VSTi's from the Information window, but foolishly not included the enable check-boxes in the Manager window.

Also gone from the Plug-in Information window are the buttons that let you set up the paths to the VST folders. Poked around a bit and can't find where you set those in C8. We do need to be able to set those, right?


OK everything I wrote above is wrong (or at least ill informed). :mrgreen: I poked around a bit more.

In the Plug-in Manager if you click the small "i" button in the bottom left it brings up a panel with info on the selected plug where you can deactivate it. And the gear button next to it lets you set the paths.

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