disk space needed for FULL Cubase 7 installaion

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disk space needed for FULL Cubase 7 installaion

Post by ps150steve »


How many free GB's does a complete Cubase 7 installation use? I can find the minimum disk space requirements, but cannot find the maximum requirements... with everything installed. I'm buying a new workstation with Windows 7 (pro, 64 bit) and would like to use a 128Gb SSD for my c: drive. Applications & OS on the C: drive; data / projects on a larger SSD (256Gb or 500Gb) for drive 2. Recent completed projects will be archived on a 2TB drive #3.

I will be updating from an early version of Cubase 5 to Cubase 7. I've been away from the industry for over 3 years... time to get back up to speed and update everything. :-)

Thanks................... Steve

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Re: disk space needed for FULL Cubase 7 installaion

Post by knuckle47 »

You should be well above those requirements with that description. As you can see from my list below, it works for me. My OS is on a 64 gb SSD and that is 64 bit win 7 ultimate. It has some drivers and Java, Adobe reader and stuff like that. My entire Cubase install is on the 2nd SSD drive also 64 gb. The thing to do however is to focus on what "stuff" tries to write to my drive c:, the original installation of about 32gb grew to 59 gb over the last year. With a total of 64gb, every update on the planet seems to want to download or install to drive c: killing my free space on that drive.
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Re: disk space needed for FULL Cubase 7 installaion

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You should be fine with a 128 GB system drive. I have an 80 GB SSD with Windows 7 Home Premium 64, Cubase 6.5, Cubase 7, WaveLab Elements 7, WaveLab Elements 8, HALion Sonic, numerous other VSTs, etc. Space is a little tight, but everything is running smoothly. Whenever I do another full re-install I'll go to a 120-128 range SSD just for some breathing room.

Another thing, if you have any 3rd party VSTs with sample content don't install the samples to your system drive whenever possible.
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Re: disk space needed for FULL Cubase 7 installaion

Post by JCschild »

putting your projects (record drive) on an SSD is a complete waste of money

for samples drive its great
for an OS its nice
as an audio drive stupid unless doing 70+ tracks 96k
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Re: disk space needed for FULL Cubase 7 installaion

Post by jamusic »

This may no longer matter to you Steve, but to answer your initial question, I just ordered Cubase 7 Full & read that it takes up 8 Gigs.

'8GB free HD space'
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