Dark Planet and Sequel.

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Dark Planet and Sequel.

Post by doctorx »

I think the problem lies wth Sequel and not with DP, so I am posting here.

Basically I was in the market for something to replace my aging audio interface (the original focusrite saffire) and of course I checked out Steinberg... Well I ended up going with the Focusrite Pro 40, but I did buy the full version of Sequel 3, Dark Planet, Chill Out, and Inustrial addons.

I have figured out how to pull things from the mediabay from the factory content and whether its loops, or an instrument, everything works fine..... My midi keyboard (AXIOM 49) is set to channel 1 - and it appears that corresponds with the channel that Sequel is set to.

I'm used to Presonus Studio One or Sonar, so there is a slight learning curve as this software is like nothing i've ever seen before - but I'm feeling good, getting the basics down.

So then I switch to the Dark Planet instrument - which is the whole reason I bought Sequel and the other packs - I decided I wanted to do a one man project - moody, atmospheric, quirky, melodic, with little spurts of heavy quitar and real drums thrown in ... I think the term is progressive darkwave.

So I drag several different things from Dark Planet, and try selecting each, I can see activity on the DAW such as its receiving data from my MIDI board, but I am hearing no sound... Still a 1 next to the midi light, so we should be good there too. I believe I even see level activity on the channel where the tiny little stereo level indicators are, but no sound.

The thing that is kind of odd to me is that if I open Halion, none of the slots have anything in them. I would have thought that the first slot would have been populated with the DP patch I selected.

I didnt try a whole lot else.... I was kinda bummed.

Anyway, here is how I am setup - AXIOM 49 running on channel 1 - midi out to midi in on my focusrite saffire - focusrite saffire connected to Mac Mini with 8gb of ram via firewire... thats pretty much it.

I really like the looks of this app and the fact that it can work simiarly to ACID where you just built songs with loop blocks, or like a normal DAW where you actually perform based on synth patches...

I have installed the Focusrite driver as well as the Axiom driver..

My next step unless someone can help me get this figured out is to switch to the windows version - which honestly I don't really want to do.... I have the mac mini that came out prior to the current one. I think its like 2.3 dual core?

Anyway - any thoughts would be helpful...
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Re: Dark Planet and Sequel.

Post by Bodo »

The Steinberg website of Dark Planet wrote:Compatibility

Dark Planet VST Sound Instrument Set is an expansion pack for the HALion library and can be used with HALion (version 4.5.2 or higher), HALion Sonic (version 1.6 or higher) or HALion Sonic SE* (version 1.6 or higher).

*HALion Sonic SE is included in Cubase (version 6 or higher), Cubase Artist (version 6 or higher), Cubase Elements (version 6 or higher), Sequel 3 and Nuendo NEK (version 5.5 or higher).
So I would try to install the Halion Sonic SE 1.6 update from http://www.steinberg.net/en/support/dow ... quel3.html

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Re: Dark Planet and Sequel.

Post by ikolya1997 »

I've already installed Halion Sonic SE 1.6 but it's not working again. Program say that vst archive is incorrect installed but I've install all files to standart directories. What I should do now?

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Re: Dark Planet and Sequel.

Post by Tinmantwouk »

I had the same problem on my iMac where i could see all the presets but could not load them. I installed both the sequel 3 update and the Halion update and I can now load the presets, use them and access the Dark Planet macro page. I got the updates via the check for update option in the sequel menu.

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