input and output busses

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input and output busses

Post by hardcoresound »

Hi , I am very disturbed. I have a problem that i cant seem to solve I have Cubase 5 and I do not see any additional tabs in the VST connections, all i have there is in and out,,no "group efx ", no "studio" tab, no control monitor to check or un-check, i have updated my Cubase to versions up to 5.5.3 and still nothing. is there something I am missing ,
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Re: input and output busses

Post by Bane »

Are you sure you're not opening a lesser version of Cubase? Might try trashing prefs? (Since I don't own this version I'm not sure if there is a pref for this or not.) Could you post a screenshot? Very disturbing indeed. :shock:
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Re: input and output busses

Post by Split »

Yeah, sounds like you don't have C5 but a lesser version!
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