Interface for live players

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Interface for live players

Post by jovemprogramador »

A great feature is a Live Interface in Halion, quick load of sounds (cache), large buttons, etc. for touch devices aka Montage and Kronos displays for setlists

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Re: Interface for live players

Post by C.LYDE101 »

Totally agree :!:

In fact now that Korg have released the Korg Triton VST - the power of the "combination" sound patch is illustrated very clearly. HS3 has all the right tools, sounds, FX galore, arps, LFOs etc. but loading and quickly creating a combination is PITA :roll:

In fact I did not realise how bad it wa till I started using the Korg M1 VST a lot more... and saw that by placing the building blocks within easy access is as important as having these features in the 1st place.
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Re: Interface for live players

Post by garah »

C.LYDE101 Really brief and wonderful response
thanks a lot :D :D :D

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