No sound from playback audio on UR22mkII

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No sound from playback audio on UR22mkII

Post by jaywalker » Fri Apr 20, 2018 6:15 am

I'm having trouble getting sound to play from my UR22mkII. Currently, I only have headphones plugged in with no studio monitors. I have a microphone plugged in and the sound of that does play through the headphones. However, I can't get any sound to play from my pc from any program. I've installed the latest firmware. I've gone into the sound settings and tried selecting every sound option on there with no luck. My monitor screen is a TV that has built in speakers. When I change the sound options to that, sound does play from the TV. But just can't get sound from the UR22mkII. Please help me :D

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Re: No sound from playback audio on UR22mkII

Post by Prock » Fri Apr 27, 2018 12:41 am

Not sure if you figured this out yet so I'll bump your post but, at the same time I'll ask you to provide some more detail about your Cubase software (if applicable) and computer operating system so that someone can try to assist.

You didn't mention if you were using your UR audio interface with a DAW like Cubase and, if so, are they working properly. Also, if using with Cubase, I am wondering if what you want can be fixed by clicking on the Cubase VST Audio System menu option to "Release Driver When Application Is In Background".

Other than that you say you went into the computer OS sound system and choose the UR as the default audio device... right? Also, I suppose to hear computer sounds through the UR headphone connection I would think that you have to choose the UR "Main Outputs" in your audio setup as the playback source.

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Re: No sound from playback audio on UR22mkII

Post by m3guitarist » Sun Aug 25, 2019 3:30 pm

Same issue here. I can record but not play back. OS X audio device is set to UR22mkII, Cubase Audio Connections for input and output likewise, Cubase Studio Setup configured to use the right driver. Tried with Reaper, same result, which suggests its either the box itself or an OS X setting. Any thoughts, @Prock?

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