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Metadata to WAV and MP3

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I would like to record all my Vinyl and keep Hi-Res WAV (archive) and MP3/AAC (to go). For each Album (EP, Single...) I create an Audio Montage with CD Cues as track markers for the Album.

How can I apply Metadata to each track of the recording? I only have 1 record files (complete Album) at the Audio Montage and I do not see any chance to add ID3 to the track marker... At the metadata window I can apply ID3, but only to the complete recording file and not to each track.

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Re: Metadata to WAV and MP3

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Sry, in german ...
Es funktioniert ;-)
Mein Weg :
-- Einen CD-Track anlegen
-- in den Render-Einstellungen (auf dem Render-Reiter)-> Bearbeiten -> den ID2-Tag aufmachen. Dort sind Platzhalter einzutragen, z.B. für den CDTrack (siehe Screenshot)

Ein wenig umständlich, scheint aber so gewollt zu sein.
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Ich hoffe, das hilft.
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