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Post by gaj55 »

hi.. anyones thoughts or preference on monitor setup. 4k, 2k, 1080, 27inch, 32inch,etc one large or dual? would be appreciated. currently have 1080s. 27" for main and a 24" for mixer. my graphics card does support 2k...cheers all :) :?: .

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Re: monitors

Post by Vital Few »

HI Gaj55

I use an ordinary Samsung 32 inch 1080p televesion for the timeline and a Acer T272HL 27 inch touchscreen for mix.
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Re: monitors

Post by raymdharris »

Hello, currently using 32inch curved samsung 2k, i like it's designed I tried dual before but I'm having a hard time looking on different screen so I switched to one.

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Re: monitors

Post by Patanjali »

Given the fixed pixel-space most computers render into, 43-50" 4K TVs give the best readability at native resolution without making individual pixels too obvious. They also have the lowest cost/pixel ratios.

Once 8K TVs come down in price and come in smaller sizes, a 65" one with 125-150% sizing would render all text and lines -- like waveforms -- fantastically.

The advantage of a larger display vs multiple smaller ones is:
a. More flexibility in window placement, especially if able to save layouts.
b. Simpler cabling.
c. Simpler mounting setup, due to lower weight/pixel.
c. Lower power consumption.

With a single lager display vs multiple side-by-side layouts, there is less horizontal head movement, but more vertical, which may be more stressful for some.
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