Sound content similar to Roland Cloud

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Sound content similar to Roland Cloud

Post by Mignon »

I don't know how profitable it'd be for Steinberg, but I'd personally buy up content packages that contained most, if not all the presets, from past Yamaha hardware, such as the 90s tone generators, EX5, up to the Motifs...

I know the SE Artist set contains quite a few legacy patches, but it's not entirely comprehensive.

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Re: Sound content similar to Roland Cloud

Post by C.LYDE101 »

Personally just getting comments or input from Yamaha sound engineers would be a great start. Take the ubiquitous Yamaha DX7 - I have come across more information and details from Propellerheads than Yamaha & Steinberg ?

It would appear Roland and Korg are ahead in the *software* game when it comes to legacy sounds? :)
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