Uninstall Voxengo Curve EQ or Delete it

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Uninstall Voxengo Curve EQ or Delete it

Post by ton37 »

Hi, I have CB Artist 9.5 . When I update the Plug-in Information (In <Studio-VST-plugin-manager>VST EFFECTS>), Cubase 'freezes' and 'crashes'. A window tells me that I'have no licence for 'VOXENGO CURVE EQ' . So be it, I have never bought/need it.
It is greyed-out in the VST Effects list, but nevertheless I cannot update/refresh the Plug-in Information.

As it causes the Crash I want to remove that VST-Effect. Is that possible? The plugin Information gives the Path: C\Program Files\Steinberg\Cubase 9.5\VST3
In that Path there is indeed Curve EQ. Can I simply delete that file?

I hope someone could help me with this,
regards Ton

EDIT: I have simply deleted the file VoxengoCurveEq.vst3 , that works for me ;-)
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Re: Uninstall Voxengo Curve EQ or Delete it

Post by ColinPark »

Short answer is yes. But it's more reversible to rename it or move it than to delete it.
Plugin manager can glitch out sometimes if it encounters any issue with something on the list. I've had that happen a lot.
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