Ozone 8 Advanced for $200

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Ozone 8 Advanced for $200

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While looking into the mastering stage of production, I naturally came upon ozone 8 by izotope. Most impressive. However, the best features are in the advanced version, which is $500. However, if you've purchased from izotope before, there's a loyalty crossgrade price of only $200. :o :) This is a 60% discount, available until January 30. All I ever bought from izotope was Rx6 elements for $30. I wonder if a non-customer could buy something cheap and get the discount.

A similar discount is available on Neutron. The O8N2 bundle is normally $700, so buying both now would save $300, or 43%. Another option I have not considered yet is getting the middle tier Neutron, normally $250 and now available to past customers for $100. I wonder if they O8 advanced would work well with N2 standard.
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