HELP! VST sound library not found because of my Screw Up!

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HELP! VST sound library not found because of my Screw Up!

Post by Ohshialaboof »

I need help ASAP because of a mistake I made on Cubase Elements 8. I downloaded audio samples from the inter-webs to put on to Cubase (Elements 8/updated to 9) when I figured it out. I was messing around in groove agent SE4 and I remember watching a video where a Guy took a song he downloaded from the Internet, And was able to put this song on a pad and then cut it to wear every sound from the song was on all of the individual Pads. So I wanted to try and put some of the sounds/audio samples/Loops I downloaded onto the pads ( without knowing what I was doing like an idiot!) I clicked on a pad I didn't like and I saw that it said replace, and so I clicked on it, then clicked on my file the audio loops were inside. After I clicked on my temp file, it's showed everything inside of my temp file and I clicked on audio loops, where it then showed me my different folders with audio loops in them. I clicked on one of them thinking it would then show me all of the individual samples I could pick from, but instead it went and tried replacing that pad with the entire file I clicked on which has 100 different audio loops… Then my screen flashed with a big error message, and said something along the lines of, A huge, catastrophic error just occurred, And it said a bunch of other stuff, and also (I think) "Make sure to save this project, etc. I didn't want to save it thinking that if I did it would make the mistake I made permanent, so I panicked, and just shut everything off/powered down My computer... now along with some other problems like Cortana not being able to hear Me (could be unrelated), when I start up Cubase it says, (VST sound library "" not found: C:\ program files \Steinberg\Cubase LE AI Elements 8\VST Sound\FCP_SMT_001_Cubase.vstsound) and underneath it says locate, ignore, or remove. I clicked on locate and the files showed up, I pressed open, and get taken right back to the locate, ignore, remove page. I don't know what to do and I don't want to mess with things anymore, so if anybody could please help me and tell me what I'm supposed to do I would appreciate more than you could possibly imagine! Thank you!

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Re: HELP! VST sound library not found because of my Screw Up!

Post by ColinPark »

It looks like you need to have these files in that VST Sound folder:

at least that's how's it's set up Cubase 8, 8.5, and 9. Since you've been able to locate them, I guess you should try moving them back.

As I recall, to place a sound sample onto a pad, you need to drag it from somewhere. So start mouse drag on the clip and end on the pad.
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Re: HELP! VST sound library not found because of my Screw Up!

Post by sfz5 »

I migrated from Sonar to Cubase PRO 9.5 last month. Great, so far. But when I am loading Halion Sonic SE, Dark Planet and some other synths, I go the VST Sound Library "Macro Page for Anima" not found error. The VST file not found is FCP_SMT_225_HS_Anima_MP_01.vstsound. The file is nowhere in my computer storage. I ignore it each time because I'm hesitant to remove it without knowing the consequences. Is this a file no longer used? Is this something I can get somewhere, somehow? But it's getting old seeing this Thanks in advance for the reply.

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