SSD PCIe **UP TO 2600MB/s read 1550MB/s write

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SSD PCIe **UP TO 2600MB/s read 1550MB/s write

Post by KingHuru »

Has anybody heard of or tried this type of SSD yet???? I just found out about it on
It gets 2600MB/s read and up to 1550MB/s write!!!!?????!!!!! Say Whaaaaaatttttttt??????
current SSD's get an average of 550 read and like 480 write...

This sounds like it will do wonders in our PC's for our VST instruments...

Toshiba OCZ RD400-A 1TB SSD – Internal Unit, M.2 2280 Form Factor, PCIe Gen3, Up to 2600 MB/s Read & Up to 1550 MB/s Write Speed, MTBF of Up to 1,500,000 Hrs, M.2 PCIe Adaptor - RVD400-M22280-1T-A

Item#: 40109083 | Model#: RVD400-M22280-1T-A

Look it up and comment please...
thanks... [/color]

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Re: SSD PCIe **UP TO 2600MB/s read 1550MB/s write

Post by StefK »

Have not tried these on a windows/mac ( Cubase ) systems, [ I wish ..]
.. but started using the Enterprise Fusion I/O SSD drives at a customer site about 4 years ago ( running Linux : re transaction Database )
see [ ] , // Looks like SanDisk own them now, was not the case 3-4 years ago.//

The numbers are remarkable, the experience is, ... well its crazy fast ! = Believe it !

[ just a word of note, remember you are not just purchasing hardware, there's also software/drivers that need to work in concert with the hardware ]

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