Grand 3 SE and 3 Crashing C8.5 Audio vanishes...

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Grand 3 SE and 3 Crashing C8.5 Audio vanishes...

Post by carlosmoreton »

Hello all,

I have to say I have had a sh**e week with The Grand.

I'm running C8.5.15 perfectly fine for a good while. Except for the fact that sometimes a project wouldn't load with TG3SE in it 'Loading TG3SE Front' caused C8.5 to fail.. I eventually get sick of this and decide to get rid of TG3SE and get something better. Eventually I decide to try the upgrade to TG3 for £36.

Since then I have had a nightmare. After about 5 days of losing time and no work whatsoever, I have just about got my machine playing project without crashing or freezing.

I had to uninstall TG3SE and TG3 and then remove all instance of it from the project. BUT, my project still plays fine, then the audio cuts out for a few seconds except for some Sonic Piano I have temporarily added, then the vocals stop, bit of guitar comes back in, then it all stops and round and round I go... :(

I imagine this has to be TG related..

Don't wish to be negative, but I have emailed support etc but as per usual you've got more chance of meeting Halle Berry down the pub later than getting a reply from Steinberg. I work in IT and Cubase support response is by far the worst I have known for quite some time. They are only human I know and appreciate that, but any reply is better than none. ;)
I have a home studio running W7 (64 bit, i7 - 3770K, 32Gb, SSD, RME PCIe Multiface 2, CC121) Cubase 9.5 64bit. BFD3, Superior Drummer, Halion, Halion Symphonic, Sonic, The Grand 3, Groove Agent 4, Absynth 5, Korg legacy Digital, POD Farm 2, Guitar Rig Pro 5, Scuffham Amp 2, Slate, various guitars and basses by Fender and Doug Wilkes. I tend to use real drums in final recordings.

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