eLicenser crash - Cubase 5.

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eLicenser crash - Cubase 5.

Post by Overdose » Tue Apr 26, 2011 10:44 pm

Hallo :)

Yesterday i tried to open my Cubase 5 and suddenly this message showed up( I have uploaded a pics where you can see it)

"I have install the newest update for my Cubase 5 and the newest update for eLicenser control center"
"And I have never replaced my USB key licenser from my computer or anything like that"!

But when my eLicenser crasht, I think I were in panic and I couldent find my activations code for Cubase 5, so for some stupid mistake I registered Cubase AI 5 on MySteinberg, which is been deleted now, so after I registered my Cubase 5 on Mysteinberg.
But when I look on MySteinberg it looks like, it can find my USB-Licenser, and if i try to enter my activations code in the control center it says the same thing about my USB licenser? Uploaded pics)

Seriously I have no Idea what I should do? Because it all seems so random, because my Cubase 5 allways has workt find. Somebody please help me?

Best Regards Mike.
home site 3.JPG
From MySteinberg.
(168.83 KiB) Not downloaded yet
Activations 2.JPG
Were you can see that it can find my USB licenser!
(82.25 KiB) Not downloaded yet
eLicenser Control Error pics.
(39.71 KiB) Not downloaded yet

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