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missing edit window

Post by dmichael »

I can't find the edit tab in the HALion 5. I initially saw the edit tab in the tab area and then I closed a window and my edit tab disappeared with the closed window. Now when I try to select a new edit tab there is not one to select. Any ideas on a fix?

Using HALion 5 version 2.2.5 build 18

HALion 6, Cubase 9.0.3, iMac 2.7 GHz, OSX 10.11, 16Gb RAM

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Re: missing edit window

Post by Brian Roland »

Click the plus button, then you'll see all the editor windows/tabs HALion has to offer. Clicking one opens a new tab in the current tab/window.

You can also find a variety of layouts and setups here:

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