how to keep Nuendo on top

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how to keep Nuendo on top

Post by Aldersyde »

With Nuendo 7, the program keeps moving in to the background to other open programs when I perform certain functions within Nuendo.

Also, I will close one song and then when I am ready to open a new one i have to click on the "Nuendo" bar at the top of the page to move back to Neundo.

I would like Nuendo to be up front all of the time by default. Is there a setting that i'm missing?

I am running Windows 7
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Re: hoe to keep Nuendo on top

Post by rbesser »

Same problem here.

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Re: how to keep Nuendo on top

Post by kendalosborne »

Yeah - rather annoying. I'd love to have nuendo always on top. Personally, I don't see the need for the Nuendo background to ever be minimized or condensed or whatever...I don't wanna see my desktop behind my mixer...
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