is moving user presets between machines possible?

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is moving user presets between machines possible?

Post by timmyboylad »

i purchased Halion because i have an extensive library of the now defunct Gigastudio samples and Halion is able to import them.

i am a composer for theatre. i have a studio (Windows 7 64bit) machine and i often take a project i am working on with me to the theatre on my MacBook Pro (Yosemite).

is there a way to take the user created presets (Gigastudio converted samples) from one machine to the other. so far i have not found a reliable way to do this. when i open a project using Gigastudio converted from my studio computer with my Mac (or vice versa) i invariably get a missing samples warning.

if anyone has a fairly easy way to do this i would greatly appreciate your sharing it with me.

thank you!
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Re: is moving user presets between machines possible?

Post by roel »

Late answer but anyway. Yes you can interchange presets, but you need to export them as vstsounds. Vstsounds contain the samples that are needed for a preset.
Read the Halion 5 manual for the exact procedure.

If your presets are not tagged when making them, you can use the browser within Halion to load them on the other machine.

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