Sound of Original Samples

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Sound of Original Samples

Post by Stinger64 »

Demoing PadShop Pro.

How do I set it up to hear what the sound of the original sample is?

Is it correct that since it's granular ... you can never quite reproduce the sound of the original sample?



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Re: Sound of Original Samples

Post by roel »

number of grains = 1
duration =max (1000)
When grains with a Duration setting above 10 are used, the sound gets the pitch of the sample.
position is= max to left
no spreads or randoms
this should get you near to the original, but granular is not a sample player as you stated above
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Re: Sound of Original Samples

Post by tryphon »

Indeed. Would be a great feature to put a small play arrow next to the sample to hear the original sound without reconfiguring the whole preset or searching in mediabay for the sample used.
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