key command for importing media from media bay?

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key command for importing media from media bay?

Post by jorisdeman »

Hi guys,

Weird issue...when I have mediabay open and select a couple of files, the only way I seem to be able to add them to the pool is to drag and drop.
However, when I do this, the media bay window disappears.
I've tried using the 'import media' command, but that annoyingly doesn't work...

any ideas?
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Re: key command for importing media from media bay?

Post by Rotund »

You can set up a key command for this.
I use the "insert into project at left cursor" usually.
I have it set to "Alt+Insert"
Works great and the Media Bay window stays open.

Go into the Key Commands setup window and look for the "Media" folder.
Not "Media Bay".
All the Media Bay file handling Key Commands are in there.

The Media Bay window itself also has its own key commands setup window.
Mostly these just deal with the Media Bay window layout
and controlling the previewer.
Use the little keyboard icon at the bottom left to access these.
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