IC control Pro or V Control Pro

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IC control Pro or V Control Pro

Post by funkstone »

Has anybody compared these apps.
http://www.neyrinck.com/pdf/V-Control%2 ... de_1.6.pdf

Bravo sTeinberg Ic control pro looks great, I am about to get one of these apps for my (ipad 4th gen).

$15 vs $50

It seems to me that the extra $50 would be well spent for v-control because of the feature it has that lets you open (duplicate) ANY open window and control it from the ipad. (plug ins, VSTis, other programs). V-window looks super useful.

Or maybe the ideal is to run V-control pro on my ipad AND IC pro on my iphone 4? Will they work together at the same time?
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Re: IC control Pro or V Control Pro

Post by zcyberu »

I think it is not correct to compare. iC Pro is very limited. Play-stop-rec-solo-mute-monitor. It is nearly all that app can do.

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