crossgrade Nuendo 5.5 to Cubase 7

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crossgrade Nuendo 5.5 to Cubase 7

Post by Glenn »

I don't really need Nuendo specific features anymore and I'm looking to switch to Cubase as I don't have NEK. Isn't there any cross grade offers from Steinberg?
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Re: crossgrade Nuendo 5.5 to Cubase 7

Post by Melosch »

Hi Glenn,

unfortunately we do not offer any crossgrades from Nuendo to Cubase currently. Probably a NEK would be the cheapest solution for you.


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Re: crossgrade Nuendo 5.5 to Cubase 7

Post by Breeze »

This has come up before. It would be nice but the price differential between the products makes it absurd. Any crossgrade offer would have to include a refund! And a Nuendo user taking a huge loss and giving up their Nuendo license for Cubase makes no sense.

What does make sense is for a Nuendo user to independently sell their Nuendo license (which is currently allowed) and then buy a Cubase license. Now's probably a good time to do this as many might consider getting Nuendo 5 second hand and upgrading it to N6 as a good financial move. With N5 still selling at around $1800, you could buy lots of plugins and VSTi's with the extra money... ;)

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