[FEAT REQ] sample browser/import like Halion 4

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[FEAT REQ] sample browser/import like Halion 4

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I just purchased the update to Padshop Pro today. To be honest, I had no clue what to expect, as I never even used Padshop much since I upgraded to Cubase 6.5. I have noticed lots of praise however and heard some patches made in Padshop Pro in the KVR forums, so figured I would update and see what the fuss was about. For 9.99, it isn't much to ask for sample import functionality.

So... I had a go at it earlier today, I don't understand it much and have to get my head around it, however, I did notice just how horrid the sample browser/import operation is. It covers half the GUI when open and one cannot use the parameters of the GUI when this window is open. It forced the user to have to close it out and go back to it each and every time they want to try and import a new sample. Cumbersome and foolish to say the least.

What I am requesting is a sample browser/import window like that of Halion 4. I would like it to be dockable, have it separate from the GUI of the instrument itself, sizeable and with an always on top option to keep it open and accessible at all times while still being able to use the GUI freely. Halion 4 does this very well and I would have thought the way Halion 4 operates, would have been a sign of things to come from all new instruments from Steinberg from here on out, especially those with a browser window.

Please Steinberg, update the sample import/browser to be detachable from the main GUI, sizable and with an always on top option to keep away from the main GUI, a secondary monitor etc for quick and easy sample browsing, import and auditioning while still having full access to the GUI of the instrument itself.

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Re: [FEAT REQ] sample browser/import like Halion 4

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