Key editor view with multiple tracks

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Key editor view with multiple tracks

Post by JunL »

I wonder if there is a way to open multiple instruments track with key editor.
What I need is:
1. each tracks have different color (This tracks are instrument track and all instrument tracks' midi channel is 1).
2. Velocity of all tracks should be visible in the velocity lane instead of one selected track.

I could do it in FL studio or Sonar.
But still couldn't find a way how to do it on Cubase.
Please give me some help.

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Re: Key editor view with multiple tracks

Post by Martin.Jirsak »


Yes, you can open multiple MIDI Parts in one Key Editor window.

In the Event Colors of the Key Editor, choose Parts. The MIDI Notes will get the Part colors.

Unfortunately only Currently Edited MIDI Part velocity (and MIDI CCs) is shown.
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