Issues dragging grooves from Stylus

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Issues dragging grooves from Stylus

Post by gooddog » Mon Nov 21, 2016 1:01 am


I'm having issues with dragging Stylus loops to create their own sections( if that makes sense). I'll drag a groove over to the track section and it will create the file but it plays it back on a midi channel it created, as a general midi piano patch. I can edit it to correct it, but it's a pain. It actually creates 2 tracks (a midi track with the groove on it, and an empty track with the groove name) Then if dragging a second grove from Stylus over to the arranger in will create the midi file again, but also tracks for Halion (what's up with that). On top of that, I can't remove Halion. I've tried going in/out of liner/musical time, but that doesn't seem to help. Any ideas.

It's been a few years out of the recording with Cubase. Stylus used to create it's own track, and playback without all the extra midi tracks and editing.

[/size]Cubase 10.5
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