Cann't completely remove library !!??

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Cann't completely remove library !!??

Post by pianoboy » Fri May 31, 2019 5:36 am

I install some Styles library such as "Metal Essentials"、"Pop Essentials“、"Modern Jass Essentials" etc.
when I found these must be paid to used, I remove all Styles library through "Halion Library Manager"


I found these Styles library still appear in my system when I open Cubase10 and start Groove Agent 5
the Styles library icon such as "Metal Essentials"、"Pop Essentials“、"Modern Jass Essentials" ... still appear in Groove Agent 5
I search all the vst path and delete all the files I can found about Styles library
but guess what...all the Styles library still be in my Cubase10 Groove Agent 5 but they cann't be used at all.

I hate this !!
I want the library disappear in my Cubase completely when I donn't want use it!
I donn't want to see them anymore after removing from my system!
do you know that feeling?? :cry: :cry:

can somebody tell me how to remove Groove Agent 5 library completely!! clearly!!

thank you!!!

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