New TOOLS for CC121 version 1.7.6

All about Steinberg's Advanced Integration Controller CC121.
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Stefan Schreiber
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New TOOLS for CC121 version 1.7.6

Post by Stefan Schreiber »

Steinberg has released new TOOLS for CC121 version 1.7.6 for Windows and Mac OS X . The free update solves some minor problems.

Please find the update here.

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Re: New TOOLS for CC121 version 1.7.6

Post by pwmspeed »

How about the "bigger" problems, like the so frequently requested different scaleing of the EQ-knobs or the flip of the qain and Q button (so that software finally matches the hardware)? Its frustrating that my thread with 17518 views and ober 60 replys has had no feedback at all from Steinberg.
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Denis van der Velde
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Re: New TOOLS for CC121 version 1.7.6

Post by Denis van der Velde »

I agree that development of the CC121 is really slow and virtually none. It is a good controller and i also do not understand why steiny is forgetting it so much.
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Denis van der Velde
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