How can you check firmware version?

All about Steinberg's Advanced Integration Controller CC121.
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How can you check firmware version?

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On page 23 of the operating manual it says "All of the LEDs on the CC121 will light briefly, then some LEDs will light. (This indicates the version of the CC121 firmware)".

In my case that is the "record", "write automation" and "vst instrument" buttons. But I'm none the wiser as to what firmware version this refers to. Any ideas?
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Re: How can you check firmware version?

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The "Steinberg CC121 Firmware V1.50 Update Guide", which I downloaded with the the latest firmware update says (page 3): If the LEDs light as the pattern above, (Record Enable button; Write Automation button and VST Instruments button) the update is not required.

It seems, the
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