CC121 buy or not - is it necessary?

All about Steinberg's Advanced Integration Controller CC121.
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CC121 buy or not - is it necessary?

Post by BillyFraserCubase »

I'm new to Cubase, so a learner and not hot on the Tech jargon used to describe the CC121 online.
I have a PC, Cubase (now 10), lots of sounds etc, one keyboard (Korg Triton ProX), a Focus Scarlett 18i8 Audio Interface. Small home studio.

In simple language: would this Hardware be of any use for me? Should I just wait?

Bill F, Hedmark, Norway

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Re: CC121 buy or not - is it necessary?

Post by MarcoE »

It makes certain things easier, like having the volume fader always at your finger tip, transport button, solo, mute, channel settings and open the instrument user interface.
See also here:

But see also here (check the dates of these posts, its still the same situation today):

My recommendation to you as a beginner: wait - and learn to understand your needs and requirements to a remote controller.
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Re: CC121 buy or not - is it necessary?

Post by The Sarj »

I agree with MarcoE.

However I was getting really tired of moving and clicking a mouse, it gets very tedious. I find using the mouse with the CC121 has made a massive difference, especially with the AI knob controlling whatever the mouse is pointing at.

I won’t use Cubase without a controller now.

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Re: CC121 buy or not - is it necessary?

Post by shanabit »

Buy another controller that is properly supported. Check the last update for our fine CC121

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Re: CC121 buy or not - is it necessary?

Post by Denis van der Velde »

Basically it is a timesaver. But sometimes when i am busy with my mouse, i forget i have the CC121. Because with the mouse scrollwheel you can do the same as with the Knob of the CC121. I enjoy the CC121, as i had before a Mackie Control Pro. Both are worth it. I now use the CC121 for Play Controls, Scrubwheel, Adjust settings with the Knob. And i switched to Cubase EQ instead of others. It is a good hardware and runs well.
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