Fader accuracy question

All about Steinberg's Advanced Integration Controller CC121.
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Fader accuracy question

Post by bapemos »

Hello guys, I bought a CC121 and overall happy with it.

I'm just curious about the fact that when I select a track, sometimes the motorized fader doesn't move EXACTLY to the volume value in the corresponding cubase track fader.

I can easily tell because when I touch the fader..the cubase fader moves a bit (usually 0.15dB or 0.20dB...which is virtually nothing).

But still....I'm just curious if I got a defective unit or this is normal?

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Re: Fader accuracy question

Post by MarcoE »

I didn't notice something like this and checked for it today.
I don't see such minor jumps at the fader at the Cubase mixer when I touch the fader.
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