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Nuendo 10 - Crossgrades overview incl. new Competitive CG

Posted: Thu Aug 29, 2019 3:16 pm
by TimoWildenhain
Dear all,

I'm happy to announce that we run a special Competitive Crossgrade offer for owners of other DAW products, such as ProTools, Logic, Reaper, Studio One etc. Until October 23, 2019, the crossgrade to Nuendo is just EUR 699.00 (available as a download, excl. eLicenser). This crossgrade is not to be mixed up with other crossgrades, that are available permanently.

All available Crossgrades:
(example in EURO, please note that this may vary depending on your region)

Cubase to Nuendo 10: EUR 399.00 / available permanently
Cubase Crossgrade shoplink

Nuendo Live to Nuendo 10: EUR 749.00 / available permanently
Nuendo Live Crossgrade shoplink

ProTools, Logic, Reaper etc. to Nuendo 10: EUR 699.00 / available until October 23, 2019
Competitive Crossgrade shoplink

Kind Regards,