External Hardware in Cubase with AXR4U

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External Hardware in Cubase with AXR4U

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Hi guys,

I purchased the AXR4. Very happy with the sound quality.
However, I have some external hardware I use with Cubase and I can't get it to work with the AXR4. I wired everything up correctly and configured the I/O in Cubase and added the Hardware in the Cubase connections.
I use the Control Room in Cubase.
I tried about every setting in Cubase and in the AXR4 dspMixFX application, but no joy.

What am I doing wrong here? I had a UR824 before and with that unit I had no problem to get my hardware to integrate.

Any idea's?
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Re: External Hardware in Cubase with AXR4U

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coming from the UR824 where you didn't assign ANY outputs if you were using the control room, the AXR needs to have a least one set of outputs activated to get the Hardware AXR menu to appear on each track. I just assign an unused pair of outputs and then use the control rrom as I did before on my UR unit.

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