Head Tracking support for Audeze Mobius ?

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Head Tracking support for Audeze Mobius ?

Post by Roboklops » Thu Oct 18, 2018 1:40 pm

Hi there,
I recently got an Audeze Mobius Headphone/Headset, sound quality is more than decent for cans sold as a gaming headset.
But the main attraction for me is the built-in head tracking with hardware based headphone surround encoding (based and Waves NX).
It can process surround sources up to 7.1, but the Audeze HQ application reveals that the actual head tracking still works when the surround processing
is switched off and the headset is to binaural 96khz/24bits (connected via USB).
Would be nice to be able to make use of the look up/down abilities of the head tracking device with Nuendo's Ambisonics features :D .

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