philip glass brass section (FLEX)

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philip glass brass section (FLEX)

Post by roel »

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something totally different this time.
A Flexphrased Brass section. It's a repackaging of an older vstsound i made now with it's proper interface.

This is a Halion Sonic/Halion 6 preset since it references to vstsounds that are included with those installs.
All remarks welcome.

download link:!AoOC6MMDw5SesFG1Lr-1o2l4-Gxh
or you could download the file at the top of the topic (that is only this latest vstsound)

Please let me know if the link doesn't work since posting something without giving access is not very usefull.
You will find the other vsts at the same location normally.

kind regards,

It looks like this:
action brass png.png
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Re: philip glass brass section (FLEX)

Post by JOHN BG DAW »

thank you , well made , i like the concept etc of this one .

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