Using Steinberg assets (knobs, etc...)

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Using Steinberg assets (knobs, etc...)

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Is it allowed to use Steinberg assets in our own custom libraries when we hand them out?

I stopped the Halion 6 video at the relevant positions on YouTube and they look pretty. Especially the tasty vintage ones. :ugeek:
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Re: Using Steinberg assets (knobs, etc...)

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Hi SqueekSqueek,

yes you are allowed to use all the control templates delivered with HALion 6 on your own macro pages and distribute them with your libraries. This also includes all control templates delivered with the HALion 6 instrument libraries, like Skylab, Anima, etc. All these templates (HALion Basic Controls, Additional Controls + the 6 instruments) are packed into dedicated VST Sound containers which are installed with every HALion, HALion Sonic or HALion Sonic SE. So that really every user of the HALion family products has these libraries. This is important, since Macro Pages that you build, will only reference these templates and their resources.
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