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scripting the OSC ?

Posted: Thu May 03, 2018 11:44 am
by henrikmusic
Hi, it properly to soon, to ask about
Halion Lua scripting, i am just learning
Halion 6, even thought i have lots of
experince in using Halion 5( deffently
not an expert😬!).

I dont know how hard it is to
learn LUA, here is the thing, without
sounding arrogant, but i have been
dealing with PHP, MYSQL, Javacript,
Visual Basic (long time ago),
so basic programming and some OOP,
it not unknown to me!.

So many product relay on Lua and Python,
game engine, blender3d, etc....
It is time for me to learn those to language!.
Anyway, here is my question:
Would it be possible to actually access
the Halion oscillator and somehow manipulate
, programming the oscillator, to create
new sound.
One could possible imagine, programming
1 oscillator, then lower the freq insanly to
a point , where the oscillator would
function as a kinf of LFO or a
FM osc, then another oscillator affecting oscillator
1, so both oscillators would create a FM like
Another thing, would be, if it is possible to
change the firt osc waveform from saw
to for example square, but exstremely
fast, to create a an entirely new waveform,
or maybe use 2 oscillator, one as a slave ,
then the second as a master.
The slave would move the second osc phase
etc, this way, you would properly create
Phase distortion.
programming / scripting the oscillators,
would open up new endless possibilities,
like real osc hard sync with real master,
slave relationship. ( not like Halion builtin
fake hard sync, which one of the oscillator is

Halion 6, new wavetable, the way its
built, the wavetable features, like
drawing your own harmonic, change the
phase of the actual waveform / audio sample,
has’nt been seen in any synth product,
this is where Halion 6 shines!.
if i am not wrong, synclavier and
fairlight could do this, infact one
synthesizer, that ever came close, was the the fairlight’s
synth features and synclavier!.
But Halion 6 can do this and much much more,
if i am not wrong!.

i am so exited about Halion 6, never
have i seen or heard so powerfull
synth / sampler like Halion 6.

Re: scripting the OSC ?

Posted: Fri Nov 02, 2018 10:31 pm
by abject39
Some of what you are asking could be done while others couldn't. You could manipulate the Wavetable in ways to get some of the things you want but using the oscillators for example to modulate something else is not possible. Also hard sync currently isn't possible.