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Script crash

Post by ggc »

Hi all:)

I was doing some "range" faders with script..

I accidentally made a dupe of one line of code...

Then, halion quasi crashed, i could not save or anything..

I could press the red "script error indicator/reset button" tho... - it didnt help and i had to restart halion.

Now, when i load the macro page, the newly made connections do not react.
(Old connections {connected partly to the same busses and id's as the ones below} still work)

The debug window says a lot of:
Could not resolve object path '@bus: etcetcetc
And some:
Could not resolve object path '@0: etcetc

Can anybody help?


EDIT: i just redid the macro page.. so i guess this is only a heads up that something like the above can happen ;)
"thread closed" ;)

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