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All feature requests and suggestions for upcoming releases of HALion 6 and HALion Sonic 3 can be posted here.
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Post by Berns »

Not long ago I did a survey online in the hopes to help Steinberg. In that survey I strongly suggested making more content available for Halion/Sonic. I want to take a chance and do the same request. Please Steinberg, we need more content offerings. I mean there's a lot of Groove Agent releases, why not do the same with Halion/Sonic? or more presets/sounds for Prologue, or Retrologue, etc...?

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Post by Puma0382 »

Good points.

If they're not building these themselves, I'm sure they've thought about somehow helping persuade established sound library builders/vendors to port their offerings to the HALion platform. There are some fantastic products out there - though nearly all are for the Kontakt instrument/player alone.

Sometimes I've seen plain WAV's too, offered as part of the package from 3rd parties, for you to load and build a personal 'instrument' inside your favourite/preferred VSTi sampler. But I see nothing custom built, ready to load into HALion - that takes advantage of the on-board synthesis/FX etc...

Maybe Steinberg could offer to send one of their own devs to the 3rd party's base, in a joint/sharing exercise to bring one or two library sets over the HALion format. Or work remotely together, whichever is more convenient. There are library makers in Germany of course; there are others here in the UK.

Are they talking to Spitfire Audio for example..? How about SoundDust (a small one-man operation) who offers some excellent and eclectic instrument libraries; a great place to start if I may say so, to get this whole suggestion/project rolling.!

Maybe its happening already, on some level. Just some suggestions to help the cause... :)

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