MPE Compatibility

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MPE Compatibility

Post by rlebla »

It will be interesting that HALion has full compatibility with the Seaboard Rise and MIDI controller Polyphonic Expression (MPE) and why not a sound library dedicated to 5D.
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Re: MPE Compatibility

Post by Gjaja »

+1 as a linnstrument user this would be beautiful
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Re: MPE Compatibility

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Yes I hope so. My fear is that Steinberg are so focused on their own Note Expression, that they aren't thinking about the fact that this does no good in other DAWs, which Halion otherwise works fine with. For the VST3 they are so close already. Pitch already works independently when triggered per channel, but aftertouch for some reason does not respond this way and there is no CC74 modulator. They just make MPE compatibility, period. Though I'd even be happy with Polyphonic Aftertouch.

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