Copy Tags / Tag multiple patches - PLEASE!

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Copy Tags / Tag multiple patches - PLEASE!

Post by faun2500 »

I want to tag multiple presets with the same tags, going through 184 patches today (again) and tagging each one takes forever!

Is this possible at the moment? Is there a way to save default tags? Things like "author" could be preset.

Tagging drives me mad but if I don't add tags presets do not show in the media bay.
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Re: Copy Tags / Tag multiple patches - PLEASE!

Post by Matthias Klag »

Hi faun2500 .

Please try this:

1. Drag the desired presets to the Program Table.
2. From the context menu, select "Save All Presets...".
3. Choose a location and set the desired tags.
4. Finaly, click save

I think, the maximum number of presets you can save with the Program Tree is 128. You'll have to split the 184 presets in two packages.

If the Preset are already in the MediaBay, you can select multiple presets in the result list and change the tagging there.

I hope, this is the information you were looking for.


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