Sync Slot racks with Media Bay sounds / presets

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Sync Slot racks with Media Bay sounds / presets

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Surely there is already a way to sync the Slot racks with the Media Bay? All my other multitimbral instruments do this except Halion 6.

For example, load Piano on 1, Organ on 2, Bass Synth on 3. Then load a lead synth on 4, then scroll the slot racks. You will notice that the media bay does not change. If i want to choose a different organ on 2, I click on 2 in the slot rack and the browser just stays on the Lead Synths and have to navigate back to wherever i got the organs from. Ideally, clicking on each slot rack could load the corresponding Media browser page where that sound was initially selected from, just like Stylus, Omnisphere and all other multi timbral vst's. It would really improve workflow and efficiency.
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