Old Halion samples

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Old Halion samples

Post by dearmonty »

I have tons of old fxp Halion Samples which I have to import manually into Halion 3 one at a time to play. Now cubase 9 is coming out I understand Halion 3 will be obsolete so I may have to upgrade but I don't want to lose all these thousands of sounds. Does Halion 6 or Sonic 3 have a facility where I can bulk import all my old fxp files so I can continue use them? I am loathe to upgrade if I can't as I will be losing virtual guitarist 2 as well, which I love.

Alternatively is there any other software around that will bulk import fxps?

any advice appreciated

thank you

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Re: Old Halion samples

Post by C.LYDE101 »

Did you create HSB files of all your custom samples / libraries?

HALion uses the .hsb (“HALion Sound Bank”) format to provide an archiving format that includes both Program files (.fxp) and the sample files the Programs reference.

***True for HALION 6***
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