Don't update Halion 6.2 on Mavericks

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Don't update Halion 6.2 on Mavericks

Post by ulesto » Wed Dec 05, 2018 10:19 pm

Just tried. It seems to install fine, but doesn't start up. Neither standalone nor vst. Had to reinstall 6.1.15 update and then dig into TM to grab the old vst since it didn't replace it. Also had to restore Halion Library Manager since Steinberg Library Manager doesn't run on Mavericks either. Basically wasted a bunch of time. Hope to save yours. Also hoping the 6.2 install didn't mess anything else up. Seems okay so far.

(Cubace mentioned in Cubase 10 forum that new hi-res libraries might be the reason Mavericks is picking up dust. Will be wary of such updates from now on.)
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