Trouble with installing Halion 5

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Trouble with installing Halion 5

Post by ternoi »

I work on music with a colleague that has Halion 4. I just so happened to get the Halion 5 licence on a grace period and the other day I decided to check out Halion 5. The first thing the Hal5 installer did was to uninstall Hal4. That is a major inconvenience for me, especially since the HAL4 full installer is nowhere to be found.

I can open projects that use Hal4 using halion 5, but whenever I send him project done with HAL5 he can open it and the routing is still there, but none of the sounds I was using are loaded. So basically, a lot of our stuff is on hold because I cant do anything using halion since we wont be able to open it properly using hal4.

So what I need is a DL link for HAL4 so I can re-install it (the download page only gives me updates, and google turns up nothing), or a better workaround because this is already impacting my work. Please dont recommend upgrading both to 5, that is a complete waste of money, a lot of money, considering the fact that Hal4 can do everything we need.

Also, why would anyone think uninstalling HAL4 automatically is a good idea? Is it only to create situations that lead to more people upgrading? whats the deal?

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Re: Trouble with installing Halion 5

Post by Jan Neddermann »

Dear Ternoi,

Whenever you need a download which is not available at a public download page, please contact our support department.
I will send you a PM with the needed download links.

Best Regards,
Jan Neddermann, Steinberg Tech Support
Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH
Hamburg, Germany

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