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Re: [Resolved]Halion 5 content all gone

Posted: Tue Dec 10, 2013 4:05 pm
by JMCecil
mozizo wrote:silly me i just checked it and my H5 content is already in separate HD :roll:

i want to move HSSE GA1 GASE content..
others I manually moved and symlinked

what is symlink, and how to do it ? ... 53194.aspx

Play with it with some dummy directories until you understand how the directories are being linked.

Re: Halion 5 content all gone

Posted: Mon Jan 30, 2017 4:58 pm
by jaslan
Jan Neddermann wrote:Dear JMCecil,

This issue is related to the installation.
You can choose between "install for all users" and single user installation during the installation process.
I think you did the installation for Halion 5 for "all" users but didn`t do that for Cubase.
Depending on which installation procedure you have choosen, the content will be saved in differen locations.

Please have a look at these directories:



Please make sure that you got in both folders the same content.
Please keep in mind that booth directories are hidden.

:?: How to see hidden files: ... /#windows8


Somehow, my content icons got messed up also. Not sure how but I was not seeing any at first, then after fiddling around with reinstalling Absolute content installers, Halion installers, and Cubase installer, deleting preference folders for Halion, Halion SOnic, Cubase, etc., still will little luck (I was able to get the HSSE Cubase factory content icons to show up) I found this thread. It wasn't very helpful at first because when I went to the folders described, I DID NOT HAVE any icons in the LibraryInfo folders (not sure why). But then after some more fiddling and reinstalling (paying close attention to the "intall for all users..." options, etc., finally then icons all showed up in my ...Users.... LibraryInfo folder and after I copied them to the Program Data...LibraryInfo folder everything is back to normal.

This is probably the most, or one of the most, annoying and elusive problems I have encountered with my Steinberg collection of products to date. I spent about 12 hours trying to fix it due to the length of time reinstalling different products took (most of the time with no success).

I really hope H6 and HS3 will be better at preventing this kind of problem and/or making it easier to resolve.