Particular Panning issue while using Halion 5

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Particular Panning issue while using Halion 5

Post by Ponzi »

Hello Gentlemen,

I'm having a particular issue, Every Time I load a new instance of Halion 5 and I start working on something, it PANS hard LEFT by itself.

I've tried unplugging my MIDI Keyboard, my CC121, It still does it with these items Unplugged.
I also thought maybe my Apple Track pad is "bugging" out, I turned it off, No Luck, It will still Pan.

Every Time I "Manually" Drag the Panning Slide bar with my mouse, it literally Re-pans HARD LEFT right after I let go.

I can't help but think it's something silly, but I just can't figure out what. This started happening a few days ago, Not sure why???

Thanks for your time, I would appreciate any help/advice

Jan Neddermann
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Re: Particular Panning issue while using Halion 5

Post by Jan Neddermann »

Dear Ponzi,

I have never had an issue like this, or heared about this problem.
Also I can not say what is the cause of this problem, but I think it is not directly related to the Halion.
I am looking forward to help you to get the Halion working as it is supposed to be.

Please write me a PM and I will send you further instructions.

After we figuered out what happend, we will post the results in this thread.


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Re: Particular Panning issue while using Halion 5

Post by JMCecil »

This is usually caused by 1 of 2 things ..

1) you have some track automation somewhere that you didn't realize you created
2) you have MIDI device sending a CC that is mapped to your panner
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Re: Particular Panning issue while using Halion 5

Post by Nanouck »

I have the same problem. Is there a solution ????


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