Automation temporarily ignored | Cubase Pro 9.5

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Automation temporarily ignored | Cubase Pro 9.5

Post by TwilightBiscuit »

Hi guys!

I've had this problem for a little longer now: I put for example the DualFilter on the drum group and automate it to turn on/off. But
when I play the whole song it seems the automation starts some ms after it should have startet.
So I can hear the first hihat and the attack of the kick altough both high ends should be filtered out.

When I replay the passage it seems to work again. Listening to the whole song or exporting it, same problem.

I already tried to put some nodes way before the actuall passage as I thought it would "help" Cubase. Still no.

Then I removed the first samples (kick and hihat) from the first beat where the filter should filter. But you can hear again, that
the filter/automation isn't working. Only moved to the right.

Has anyone idead what this could be? Google was of no help.


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Re: Automation temporarily ignored | Cubase Pro 9.5

Post by Martin.Jirsak »

Hi and welcome,

In general, it's recommended to don't start the project at Please keep 1 or 2 first bars empty.
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